Network Support Specialist

Five County CU is hiring a Network Support Specialist in Bath at its main office.

Keep the network computing systems operating efficiently and assure that computing standards are implemented and enforced; extend I.S. support services to staff and members.

Essential Functions:

  • Installs, supports, and manages the hardware/software/network components; responds to and develops solutions for component failures and complex technical problems in all of these areas to deliver a sound and stable computing infrastructure.
  • Consults with computer operations management, supervisory staff, and various I.S. personnel to assure that I.S. standards for control, security, and recoverability are understood and followed; coordinates with other I.S. Technical Support staff to assure that appropriate I.S. computing standards are implemented and maintained; manages software upgrades to assure compliance with standards and control procedures.
  • Collaborates with I.S. Network Systems staff to support the following computing components: (a) PC/LAN servers and workstations, (b) WAN communications links, (c) hot-site hardware/software, and (d) office automation software; assists I.S. Programming Staff in onsite research of production problems and training of supervisory staff on new procedures/software.
  • Participates in short and long-range planning for the department to select and utilize appropriate technologies to meet the evolving needs of the company and its members
  • Performs other job-related duties as assigned.


  • A two-year college degree, or
  • completion of a specialized certification or licensing, or
  • completion of specialized training courses conducted by vendors,
  • or job-specific skills acquired through an apprenticeship program.


  • Three years to five years of similar or related experience
  • Experience in PC usage and hardware/software support

Knowledge & Skills:

  • Working knowledge of Windows and Microsoft 365
  • Batch and workflow programming desirable
  • PC TCPIP and Networking experience a plus
  • Ability to diagnose problems over a WAN in remote locations
  • Must be able to install, troubleshoot, and support personal computers, network and data communications software and hardware and be familiar with basic programming logic, processing concepts and terminology, and processing rigors.

Apply Online At:

Contact: Ken Stockford