Deposit Operations Specialist

Evergreen CU is hiring a Deposit Operations Specialist at its Portland location.


The Deposit Operations Specialist is the principle contact for credit union staff and members via the telephone, email, or other designated third-party applications (such as Opening Act) providing enthusiastic, professional and courteous service. The Deposit Operations/IRA Specialist will be responsible for approving new membership applications via our DA platform (Opening Act) along with reviewing and approving daily Mobile Deposits. You will review daily iPay reports to ensure un-posted items are resolved in a timely manner. As the IRA Specialist you are responsible for the daily review and approving of IRA transactions/applications, balance the Federal & State Withholdings monthly and ensuring that all Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) are set up properly within the core & Ascensus. You also will file IRA Death Claims and Transfer Request to and from other Financial Institutions. You will work collectively with other Deposit Operations Team members and with other departments to ensure policies and procedures are followed when processing the following but not limited to: Account File Maintenance, Address Changes, Account/Share Closures, Verification of Deposits, Various Intranet forms, or other Financial Request.

Essential Functions & Responsibilities:

  • Review and process daily ACH/Draft Exceptions, Mobile Banking Deposits and new Membership Applications
  • Review, approve & process IRA transactions/application, RMDs, Death Claims, Transfer Request as well as balancing Federal/State withholdings.
  • Review daily iPay Exception and ACH A2A Exception reports and act accordingly.
  • Assist with handling the more involved, critical and time sensitive request, such as Death Notification claims
  • Other duties as assigned.

Performance Measurements:

  1. Review and Approve Online Membership Applications in a timely manner.
  2. Review and approve Mobile Banking Deposit items in a timely manner
  3. Review, approve & process IRA request (Transactions, Applications, Death Claim, Transfers, etc.).
  4. Review and process iPay Report exceptions in a timely manner.
  5. Respond to credit union staff and member issues related to a deposit account in a timely and professional manner. Member issues pertaining to the use of their account should be resolved as soon as possible.
  6. Any issues that cannot be resolved immediately should be communicated to the member along with an expected timeframe.
  7. Successfully act as a liaison with the Deposit Operations Department in addressing account or share related issues and staying current with changing products, rates, disclosures and fee schedule.
  8. Process incoming file maintenance request and performing error resolution research in a timely manner as to not impact the member in how and when they can use their account/share.

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Experience: Six months to 2 years of experience assisting members with issues is preferred.
  • Education: A high school education or GED.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Work involves much personal contact with others inside and/or outside the organization for the purpose of first-level conflict resolution, building relationships, and soliciting cooperation. Discussions involve a higher degree of confidentiality and discretion, requiring diplomacy and tact in communication.
  • Other Skills: Good communication skills are essential. The ability to work proficiently with the various Credit Union software platforms is necessary. Such platforms include Episys, Client Work Station, and Microsoft Office.
  • Physical Requirements: Ability to sit at a desk and work on a keyboard for the majority of the work day.
  • Work Environment: Office setting.

This job description is not a complete statement of all duties and responsibilities comprising the position.


Interested applications should contact Cathy Lestage, SVP of Human Resources & Culture, at